«Comthmunication is a central feature of contemporary life but social networks can also become a curse . Even though I need to communicate to survive , I am not a great fan of the Mark Zuckerberg phenomenon and my Facebook profile is inactive . I have created it just to occupy the ground , not to display myself . Enjoyable as it may be , my sexual life is definitely not a public matter . Neither is my dislike of rap music , my appreciation of good wines , my total indifference to sports , my love for my wonderful daughters , my taste for literature , my lack of religion or my hatred for publicity .

I believe tweeting is for birds and , not being a sparrow , I shall abstain . This website is about Africa , which , for better and for worse , has been a key element of my life . Africa is the problem child of the planet and it needs friends . Not supporters or deniers . Just friends with open eyes , open hearts and a tough mind . It is what this website will try to be  about .”

3 thoughts on “HOME”

  1. Vive Tana !

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