Here is how to reach me . You can use any language you want . 
For those languages I don’t know , it will require a bit of time to get an answer . These coordinates will be periodically updated
Address : 5, boulevard de Denain 75010 Paris France                                                       
Email :
France : +336.11251048
United States  : + 1 (703) 231-3996
 Ethiopia : + 251.(0)911.573233
Kenya : + 254 (0)788 866 784  
Congo : + 243.(0)815 364 822
Somalia : + 252.61.656-1468 (Hortel)
Somaliland : + 252 (2) 409-4467

2 thoughts on “CONTACT”

  1. Dr.Gerard
    I was watching your Virginia lecture video regarding Eritrea,if you have that deep knowledge with evidence why don’t help the UN to get the Evidence about isayas supply chain with shebab at Somalia and make good money,
    Instead of talking some unprofessional street of addis tales.
    Globalization change things Africans are well informed now they don’t even need foreign interference /historian, we learn a lot from our life long history so try to do a better thing instead of putting your finger in every conflict spot and make your fortune.from Eritrea ,to South Sudan ,Central Africa Republic,Tamil tiger & India what a wast

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