Gérard Prunier is a renowned historian of contemporary Africa and author of  acclaimed The Rwanda Crisis: History of a Genocide and of Darfur: The Ambiguous Genocide


‘A passionate and highly readable account of the current tragedy that combines intimate knowledge of the region’s history, politics, and sociology with a telling cynicism about the polite but ineffectual diplomatic efforts to end it. It is the best account available of the Darfur crisis.’ — Foreign Affairs

‘A fierce logic at the service of a powerful moral purpose’. — The Guardian

‘Rightly treats with scorn the monumental humbug displayed by the outside world towards this tragedy’. — The Telegraph

‘Anyone attempting to understand Darfur’s intricate aspects of African consciousness and Arabian manifest destiny will appreciate this careful study’. — Nairobi Arts Review

‘Prunier’ book is as impressive as the sheer audacity of his message: eleven years after the genocide in Rwanda, it is as if nothing has been learnt by the United Nations and the African Union’. — Africa Today

‘Essential for anyone wanting to learn about this complex conflict’ — The Library Journal




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